Commissioned Fetish Furniture a bespoke service converting standard furniture, into that of a more fetish nature. Through kind permission of the owners, here we are able to show you some of our commissioned work.

We have been commissioned to create fetish furniture out of many items of furniture into stylish pieces of fetish furniture sex furniture from unusual and classic pieces. Anything from a Victorian table and chairs, through to a prayer stool converted into a punishment stool.

All of the materials used in the upholstering and conversion of the furniture are to the same high quality standard as all of our furniture featured in the JacqueFrancis collection.

The Chairs

Several years ago, we were asked to modify a pair of antique dining room chairs into something more exotic, for CBT and bondage.

After consultation with the clients, (the sub and the dom), it was decided they would like a combination of leather and stainless steel studding for the pads, and a central circle cut out to allow for good CBT access.

They felt the overall effect achieved was very kinky and fetish like, and looked good as a pair sat in their dungeon

The Shoe Shine Bench

Now this was quite an interesting project. We were asked to upholster this lovely shoe shine bench for a mistress. It was quite a stab in the dark as it is quite an unusual piece of furniture anyway.

The client loved the fact that it could be used for spanking her slave and foot worship.

The Barber’s Chair

This amazing chair that was acquired a while ago is actually one of our team's personal items. It was originally a standard Barber's chair that was upholstered in an unusual colour.

The colour of the leather, the ebonized frame and the stud work complement each other to make the chair more appealing and change its appearance.
This chair has become the well known logo for JacqueFrancis.

The Prayer Stool

The prayer stool was one of the first pieces that we upholstered in the JacqueFrancis way. It was quite warn from when we received it, but after some TLC and a new vibrant coloured pad, it looked rustic and still has that great vintage look.

After some experimenting the pad eyes were placed in strategic positions for bondage and CBT play, both for full body restraint or just for those delicate areas.

A separate pad was also made for the lectern stand, which can be used separately or within the piece.

Let us help you bring your ideas to life

If you have any or your own ideas and would like to ask us for and idea of prices, feasibility, sizes, time scales or anything at all, please contact us