Designer Fetish Furniture was a concept that we originally outlined through frustration at the inability to be able to purchase any stylish, high quality fetish furniture. The market seemed to be flooded with uninspired drab themes, in the same old colours, same old designs and for the same old niche market for sex furniture. We felt there was a need for “multi functional” furniture for use where space is an issue, with the idea of stylish creations, and as you can imagine through sheer curiosity.

With a background in furniture making and upholstery we are leading the way in this style of designer fetish furniture. You can see that most of our items of furniture are influenced by the great designs and designers, such as Mies van der Rohe and his famous Barcelona chair. It gives a totally different take on what is stereotypically branded, “Fetish Furniture”.

Most of our designer fetish furniture is crafted by us is “multi functional”, and has its normal everyday use, however unknown to others it can be quickly converted into what it was originally intended for. These pieces of furniture have a distinctive style of their own although with an injection of your ideas and requirements we can create just what you have always wanted.

Anything can look innocent enough when it is sat there. Take a chair or stool for example, which can be unassuming, until you start to explore any other uses of it. You could turn it into a bondage chair, spanking or flogging stool, punishment or BDSM chair. Our fetish furniture helps you carry out those fantasies by making the experience more fluent and dynamic.

You will not find us in any high street, or in any catalogue. Our furniture is bespoke and personal to you. Whatever the style is that you require, we can provide a solution to fit your very needs. We do not believe that customers should be limited to one colour and one style. Each and every one of us have our own intimate dreams, desires and “fetishes”, so we are here to help with that very need.