The Collection

The collection shows just some of our range of available furniture, all being tried & tested (or even tied & teased). As we mentioned before, these are only some of the possibilities available to you. With consultation we can provide a much wider range of bespoke designs to fit your requirements.

More detailed information is available about each product on it's individual page.

The Funwall

The Funwall is our signature piece of furniture. It's something very different, and certainly just as impressive to look at when it is on the wall.

The fun wall is perfect to use for bondage restraint with twelve strategically placed pad eyes, with ample diameter to thread through high quality bondage rope or attach cuffs to.

It is just as stunning on the wall as a piece of avant-garde art to display to everyone, as much as it is to use.

The coffee table

The coffee table is just what it says... a coffee table. Innocent enough sat there with the rest of your furniture, however within it lurks a little secret.

Lift the lid and you suddenly see a different side to this piece of furniture.

The Bench

The looks give it a striking enough appeal, and it's certainly versatile. The bench is designed to be stiff, but comfortable.

The number of positions and possibilities are endless. Ropes, ties, chains, shackles or anything you want to use.

The headboard

The headboard is designed to blend in with the rest of the bedroom, until you slide off the cover. Then you realize just what it is meant for.

It's just as inconspicuous to look at as... a headboard.

The Box

Slightly more compact in size than our other pieces, however for CBT and S&M it is the perfect box to play with its contents.

Complete with restraining pad eyes either side so that your subject can't suddenly get away when it all gets too much!

The Door Funwall

Smaller and more easily storable than the full size funwall, but just as much fun.

Complete with door mounting hooks to allow you to mount it easily on any standard size door.

The Rimming Seat

Similar in design to "The Box", however a completely differnt use!