JacqueFrancis Showroom

Our showroom holds all of our current items available from JacqueFrancis.

Here you can view all of our exciting fetish furniture items and get to touch, feel, and even try them in the flesh if you wish.

We believe that if you are buying something significant then you would like to view it before you buy. That is why we offer anyone to come and view all of our products before you purchase anything.

We have all of our latest pieces to show in the showroom, including the Funwall, Bench, Box and Headboard. All of these can be seen in their full glory and you can get a good feel for the size and style of the pieces.

As you will be accompanied by our representative, you will be able to discuss any questions that you might have about the pieces, and ask questions about any modifications or personalized features that you would like with your piece of furniture.