It is a common fantasy to be tied down to a bench whilst being punished, pounded or pleasured, but most things just do not allow for total enjoyment. Our bench however gives you that fantasy without any of the complication.

There is no denying that this piece can not be missed or confused for anything else. It’s bold, it’s brash and it will certainly make a statement anyone’s sex dungeon or play room.

Sex can be as hard as you want and as varied as you want, while the bench will be able to withstand anything you throw at it (within reason), but the question is can you?

The bench is constructed from a sturdy frame work with a comfortable but firm, 50mm thick high-density foam padding. The strong wooden legs are integral to the frame and therefore are able to withstand robust use. The wooden legs are then hand finished in a coordinated colour.

The fourteen pad eyes are appropriately arranged around the edge of the bench, for an even distribution of bondage rope work and restraint. The pad eyes provided are diamond shaped as standard, however choose the style of pad eye from either diamond shaped, square, rectangular or circular and even orientation.

You may choose any of the colours from our colour range for the bench. The legs are painted in a similar colour to your choice of the marine vinyl, however this can also be personalized if requested.

Dimensions (approximate): 197cm x 76cm x 80cm
Legs (approximate): 10cm x 10cm

Prices start from: 1199 + delivery charges