The Box is for bondage play and exploring the more intimate regions of the body. While the occupant can sit there of their own free will or they can be tied or shackled to the box to prevent them moving away.

The holes placed in the sides and top are for CBT, restraint, torture and anything else you can think to do with whatever falls through the hole. Reach in through the sides and see what you can find to play with!

The box is constructed from sturdy materials which can withstand robust use. The legs are made from chromed steel giving a sleek look, while also matching some of our other pieces in the range.

The marine vinyl is a high quality alternative to leather, with nearly the same look and feel, however without the drawbacks. If anything is spilt onto the vinyl it can be wiped clean with very minimal effort.

The pad eyes are ideally placed, however you may request them to be repositioned if you think appropriate.

You may choose any of the colours from our vinyl range for the the box. Please see the colours section to view the full range.

Dimensions (approximate): 50cm x 32cm x 34cm (10cm holes)

Prices start from: 175 + delivery charges