The Coffee Table does nearly everything that it says on the tin… that and a little bit more. Its design was inspired around the interior of a new, modern and stylish household. It looks just as much at home with the rest of your furniture like the sofa or the shelves. It has a certain presence that gives a statement compared to everything else around it, and this is what may make people think that, “There is something about it that I just can’t put my finger on.”

When you lift the lid of the table, it will reveal a whole new secret world hidden within. Beneath the lid you will find a large space inside where you can store your secrets. Whatever that may be, is totally up to you. From bondage equipment, to sex toys to just a load of books, you can store anything inside the table.

The table is constructed from sturdy materials which can withstand robust use. The legs are made from chromed steel giving a sleek modern look.
The bondage attachments can be secured to underside of the table via a concealed velcro strip. These attachments are fastened to the table and can be stored easily within, turning it back into a regular coffee table. Various other items can be stored within the table, as it is lined with the same high quality marine vinyl.

The marine vinyl is a high quality alternative to leather, with nearly the same look and feel, however without the drawbacks. If anything is spilt onto the vinyl it can be wiped clean with very minimal effort.

The attachments shown are a selection of possible styles for the table. It is also possible to create other designs to your individual requirements. Some of the featured accessories in the gallery can be seen in the Collection Accessories section of the site.

You may choose any of the colours from our vinyl range for the the coffee table. Please see the colours section to view the full range.

Dimensions (approximate): 120cm x 61cm x 36cm (Lid: 70cm x 40cm)

Prices start from: 649 + delivery charges