It’s stylish, artistic, and best of all… looks even better when it’s being used.

When it’s fitted to your wall, it looks more like a contemporary piece of art. The striking, vibrant colours jump out at you and it is definitely the first thing that will catch your attention when you walk into the room.

It does however have more function than just looking good. It looks even better when you are using it for whipping, flogging or domination as it was intended, so just let your sexual imagination run wild!

From 1399 + shipping

The Funwall has a comfortable upholstered, yet durable pad with a modern twist on buttoning. The pad is constructed from high quality foam and marine vinyl.

The marine vinyl is a high quality alternative to leather, with nearly the same look and feel, without the drawbacks. If anything is spilt onto the vinyl it can be wiped clean with very minimal effort.

The twelve pad eyes are arranged appropriately to accommodate for many different positions during use for bondage and rope work. Securely attached to the Funwall, the pad eyes provide solid restraint even to large forces.

The Funwall is attached to a wall surface using a simple bracketing mechanism, which is supplied with the Funwall and is easy to install. The bracketing is very robust and when installed correctly it can sustain heavy use.

You may choose the colour of the back panel vinyl and the pad vinyl from our selection of available colours in our range. Please see our section on colours to view the full range.

Dimensions (approximate): 196cm x 109cm x 11cm (Pad: 174cm x 88cm)

Prices start from: 1399 + delivery charges