The headboard is probably one of our most inconspicuous pieces. Whilst others pieces have had a slightly menacing look about them, the headboard is totally alluded by everyone. The clean-cut fabric covering the headboard gives a designer feel to your bedroom.

When you slide off the cover of the headboard everything is revealed to you. Truly disguised behind the plain facade, the headboard shows a totally different use when the cover is removed.

Firmly secured to the wall, the headboard is robust and sturdy enough to tie whoever you want to it for all sorts of bondage, sex play and rope work. Now you can do a lot more with your headboard than you ever thought of or could possibly imagine.

You will be amazed at the number of versatile positions that you can achieve, whether it is two hands, two feet, two hands & two feet or even four hands all tied, chained or cuffed to the headboard.

The headboard is securely mounted to the wall using the fixtures that are supplied. These fixtures are easy to install and are secure enough for robust use.

The pad eyes are positioned strategically for bondage play using ropes or cuffs. The pad eyes supplied are square plated with swivel eyes, however you may decide to request different styles.

The different combinations of colour for both the marine vinyl and headboard fabric can all be selected in any different combination. The colours can be selected from the available selection.

Now you’re ready to go, play or just sleep. The rest is up to you.

Dimensions (approximate): 142cm x 61cm x 12cm

Prices start from: 549 + delivery charges